Native Cloud Architecture

Designed as cloud-based platform

All our components are designed and running as cloud-based platform.

Full support from cloud technologies to provide best performance.

Shared or Dedicated Platform

Workload on shared or dedicated platform

Customer decision to run on a dedicated infrastructure.

Customize your infrastructure to work with best performance and security.


Enhance performance and speed up problem resolutions.


Easy to configure and operate your monitoring IT Infrastructure.


Lightweight architecture to collect and process performance metrics.



Down-to-the-second, detailed data, both real-time and historical data for deeply analysis.


Speed Up

Quickly identifying of bottlenecks, pinpointing their root causes, and prioritizing actions.


Pay as you GO

Pay by monitoring assets and resource usage. Lower cost than other common tools in the market.


User Interface

The intuitive interface visualizes every aspect of the system affecting performance.


Response Time

Focus on response time to analyze performance problems, it focuses on main performance components.


Cross Platforms

Performance monitoring and optimization for Servers, Databases & Network Services.

Smart Dashboards

Synthesize all of your data
with the click of a button

Follow your data to other parts of the platform without losing context

See performance overviews and metrics side by side for total visibility

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Alpha Package

  • 5 GB of Data
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • 5 Assets
  • 1 Customer Service Hours


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Gama Package

  • 20 GB of Data
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • 20 Assets
  • 5 Customer Service Hours


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Delta Package

  • 50 GB of Data
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • 50 Assets
  • 10 Customer Service Hours


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SQLTop Cloud Version 2020.10-1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of SQLTop Cloud Version 2020.10-1. This is the latest stable release and already available for deployment to our customer.

SQLTop Management Studio for Elasticsearch Version 0.1.20 – (SMSE) – CR

SQLTop Management Studio for Elasticsearch (SMSE) is a High Optimized GUI for Elasticsearch Administrators written using Pure and Portable .NET Framework, it does not require any installation privileges or libraries. We widely use (SMSE) for our customers, recommended to our partners and continuously improve it. Please, give us your feedback